Outstation Round Trip car rental services

Aapkicabs offers round trip outstation cab services to multiple outstation locations across the country. You pay for a return fare, and the starting city always becomes the destination for calculation the fare in such trips. Ex: If you take a taxi from Delhi to Agra and return via the same taxi, you pay for a return fare, and taxi stays with you during the entire duration of your trip. It offers convenience and ease of movement when you move around in the outstation cities. Right now, Aapkicabs covers 4000 small and big towns, serving round trip taxis.

Outstation OneWay car rental services

One Way service allows user to pay for one side distance. Generally, if you take a taxi for one side drop only you pay for return km also but we charge for One Way only. Ex: If you take taxi from Delhi to Agra drop we will charge for one side travel and not for return (Agra to Delhi). This offers reasonable fares and saves your money up to 40% when you are only looking to move from one city to another. Right now One Way Taxis from AapkiCabs are available across 1400 locations across the country.

Intracity (local) car packages

Our local cab service can be booked for 8 hours/day and customers can travel up to 80 km within the city, fulfilling their small needs like shopping, meetings, visit to nearby places and hospitals etc. Aapkicabs offers local hourly rental services in 25 locations across the country.